Pritchards Winter e-Newsletter for Bath

Pritchards Winter e-Newsletter for Bath

Welcome to the Winter edition of the Pritchards e-Newsletter!

Now the Christmas shopping is in full swing here in Bath, we thought it apt to let our readers know of our top recommendations for the 'Cosiest pubs and bars in Bath' – perfect places for a warming shopping pit-stop or a lovely evening out with friends and loved ones!

Also in this edition, we explore the latest trends in 'Feng Shui' and provide some clever insights to maximise the available living space in your apartment – works well for houses too! Especially handy at this time of year with all the additional decorations, presents and people.

Read on for our regular property and apartment of the month and property market update.

Our aim is to provide something for everyone who is interested in Bath life and property in Bath. If you have a specific subject matter that you would like us to explore in more depth, please contact us with your thoughts via

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We hope your enjoy our latest edition and look forward to being of assistance in due course.

Best Wishes

The Pritchards Team


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