Pritchards – Bath Property Newsletter, Summer 2015

Pritchards – Bath Property Newsletter, Summer 2015


Welcome to the Summer edition of the Bath Property Newsletter!

Now the warmer weather has arrived, we are all spending more quality time enjoying outdoor living, but how can you create a super-stylish dining area from your patio? Read on for some truly insightful ideas that could transform your Summer BBQ experiences! We also explore creative ways to go wild with wallpaper and investigate why it is that more and more Londoners are relcoating to Bath. 

As well as this editions featured house and apartment, we also have an update on the latest property market news.  Our aim is to provide something for everyone who is interested in Bath life and property in Bath. If you have a specific subject matter that you would like us to explore in more depth, please contact us with your thoughts via

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The Pritchards Team

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